Dahua NVR


The Dahua NVR4000-4KS2 is introduced as the first series NVR that supports 4K and H.265 encoding technology with excellent performance at an affordable price. For applications where image details are highly required, it delivers the capability of 4K resolution processing

· H.265/H.264 codec decoding
· Max 80Mbps Incoming Bandwidth
· Up to 8MP Resolution for Preview and Playback
· HDMI/VGA simultaneous video output


Please note that these NVR DO NOT come with Hard Drives pre installed.  Please order a Hard Drive when purchasing this product if you require one.




Use the following guidelines as a very general estimate when it comes to storage space.


4 Channel NVR

1TB  –  5-7 days

2TB –  10-14 days

4TB –  14-20 days

6TB – Up to a month


8 Channel NVR

1TB  –  3-5 days

2TB –  7-10 days

4TB –  10-14 days

6TB – 14-20 days


16 Channel NVR 

1TB  –  1-3 days

2TB –  3-6 days

4TB –  7-10 days

6TB – 10-14 days

* please note with the 16 Channel NVR, they are able to hold 2 x Hard Drives.  So if you were to purchase 2 Hard Drives, you would get double the estimated storage times 




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