HiLook 8MP Kits


  • 1 x HiLook NVR Model #NVR-104MH-C-4P / NVR-108MH-C8P / NVR-116MH-C-16P
  • 8MP HiLook Model #IPC-T280H-MU-02
  • Audio recording
  • Control via app on your mobile device


Create your own Home / Business Security package.


Step 1 – Select your NVR

Select your required NVR (4, 6 or 16 Channel)


Step 2 – Select the size of your Hard Drive (to store the footage of your cameras)

In relation to a 8MP Camera System, the easiest way to select the size of the Hard Drive is to follow this general advice:


1TB     Minimum recommended for 4 camera systems

2TB     Minimum recommended for 6 camera systems

4TB     Recommended for 6-8 camera systems

6TB     Recommended for 8 camera systems


Hard Drive space comes down to how long you may require your footage to be kept.

The more cameras you have, the bigger the hard drive you will need.

The longer you need to keep your footage for, the bigger the hard drive you will need.


Step 3 – Select the amount of cameras required

Choose the amount of cameras that you require to protect your property (4, 6 or 8)


Step 4 – Installation

Do you require installation?  Select the right option from the drop down box for your area.

If you do not require installation, move straight onto Step 5.


If you require installation, prices start at $400*

*   Based on installed premises being within Metropolitan Melbourne / Greater Geelong / Ballarat areas and being a single storey property.

** For other areas within Victoria, please get in contact with one of our team, we would love the opportunity to assist you.


Step 5 – Checkout


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