Smart Wireless Wi-Fi Camera packages


  • 2MP 1080P Recordings
  • 130° Wide-angle
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Excellent Night Vision
  • 2-Way Talk Function
  • Weather and Dust proof
  • SD Card or Cloud Storage (external charges apply for Cloud storage)


Our Wire-Free 1080p Security Cameras are an affordable substitute to a fully installed cable security system.  They are also a very good alternative for already constructed double storey premises that have a strong wi-fi signal.

They incorporate the following features:


  • 1080P Recordings

This wire-free security camera can capture vivid 1080p full HD video with sound. The high resolution will help you capture important details should an event ever occur on your property.


  • 130° Wide-angle

The Vicoo wireless security camera has a wide 130° angle field of view that is ideal for doorways, open areas, or any other residential or commercial monitoring applications


  • Wi-Fi Connection*

Once connected to your Wi-Fi network you are able to monitor and record videos from your smart device via the Vicoo APP

* Please note: This device only works on a 2.4GHz network.  Most Wi-Fi networks in Australia run on 2.4GHz network.  WIFI connection distance up to 150 meters under open conditions. The actual situation depends on the strength of the WIFI and the surrounding environment.  This information is not provided to you by other big name brands.


  • Advanced Motion Detection

This intelligent camera will spring into action when motion is detected and will start recording.


  • Night Vision

With a built-in passive infrared (PIR) sensor right below the lens. this camera can see through the darkness of night and capture high-quality video at night up to 7 meters away, it will provide high-quality black and white infrared video through the night


  • 2-Way Talk

This security camera comes with a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can hear as well as talk through the camera using the “Vicoo” APP.

Excellent for deliveries to your address when not home or for monitoring of pets whilst you are away.


  • Night Light

The camera comes with a night light that allows you turn on remotely via the App on your phone to light up your monitored areas.  It also allows you the option of having the light come on automatically when motion is detected by the camera.  The attached video gives you a demonstration of this feature.


  • Alarm Setting

The Alarm setting can be set to sound on motion or you can set it off manually via the App if you are wanting to warn off unwanted people from your property.  Please see the attached video for a demonstration of this feature.


  • Weather and Dust proof

The outdoor wireless camera boasts a durable and long-lasting design that is IP65 weatherproof for years of reliable outdoor use, even in harsh weather conditions


  • SD Card or Cloud Storage

This camera has two storage functions.

Users can insert a SD card (up to 128G) for video storage, or use the cloud storage in the APP.*

 * Please note No plan users can only save cloud records for the past 7 days, 1GB limit;Plan users can save 15 days of records, 3GB limit


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